Lounging on a tropical island is what a true vacation is all about. Some of the most beautiful islands in the world cost thousands of dollars to visit, however, there are still a number of incredible islands that budget travelers can visit on the cheap. Here are five of the best budget island getaways to visit in 2018.

1. Koh Samui, Thailand

Thailand is filled with islands that can be visited on a shoestring budget, yet the best of all may be Koh Samui, located off the east coast of the country. The second largest island in Thailand has hundreds of amazing beaches tourists can visit and a wide range of activities available here include parasailing and a great nightlife scene.

Budget travelers will be pleased to find a huge number of cheap accommodation options on Koh Samui. The main tourist spot of Chaweng Beach is known as a popular backpacking area, though nearly every corner of the island will offer rooms for low prices. Koh Samui is also in very close proximity to other popular islands like Koh Phangan and Koh Tao, making it the perfect beginning spot to island hop. For budget travelers, this place is truly a paradise.

2. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is itself one large island in the Caribbean, and the small resort town of Punta Cana is the perfect area for budget travelers to visit there. Unlike other areas in the country where hotels cost upwards of $2,000, Punta Cana is filled with many inexpensive accommodation options that can often cost less than $40 per night.

The weather here stays around 80 degrees Fahrenheit year-round, making it a fantastic place to visit any time of the year. There are an endless amount of activities available here, although many prefer to simply lay on the beach and sample the amazing Dominican cuisine. Punta Cana is one of the best budget destinations in the Caribbean, and 2018 is a fantastic time to visit.

3. Krk, Croatia

Over the past decade, Croatia has emerged as one of the top destination spots in all of Europe. The summer months, in particular, bring in thousands of tourists to the more than 1,000 islands dotted along the Croatian coast. Fortunately, prices here have remained low, and budget travelers can get by here on less than $40 per day.

Krk, in particular, is known for being one of the cheapest, and most beautiful islands in the country. It has a number of pristine beaches, some of which are flooded with tourists ready to party, and others that are nearly empty and are perfect for relaxation. Krk is easy to get to and has enough fun activities to keep you occupied for months.

4. Panglao Island, Philippines

Another country made up of many different islands, the Philippines has been a top budget destination among beach lovers for many years. One could spend a lifetime exploring the different islands here and still not see them all, with Panglao Island being a great place to start. It’s here that visitors will find scuba diving, cave swimming, and a great party scene.

The number of traveler hostels here is incredible. The southern area of the island, in particular, has many great budget accommodations, some of which costs just $10 per night and offer free tours to various other parts of the island. There’s a reason why many people who visit this country decide to never leave, and every budget traveler should see Panglao Island at least once in their life.

5. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, one of the biggest islands in the world, is sometimes overlooked by budget travelers who decide to visit India. That’s unfortunate, because this amazing nation has one of the most unique landscapes and cultures in the world.

Not only can budget travelers explore the entire country on a shoestring budget, they can also see some of the most impressive ancient sites on the planet. The Sigiriya temple complex is a fascinating look into Sri Lanka’s ancient religious past and can be visited for only $30. The beaches of Sri Lanka are also amazing, and it’s common for visitors to spend days doing nothing but enjoying the warm Indian Ocean.

An island getaway is without a doubt one of the best ways to enjoy yourself. Take some time to look at each of these island’s pros and cons and get ready to have an incredible adventure without breaking the bank.