Finding the Best Sunglasses for Sailing is easier than you think. Here are our favorite sunglasses, including our top pick - the Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses.

Between the sun in the sky and the glare on the water, sunglasses are a must for sailing. Sunglasses protect the eyes from damaging UV rays and can improve comfort and visibility by reducing the intensity and glare of the sunlight. To avoid scorching your retinas, invest in a quality pair of sunglasses.

After testing numerous pairs of sunglasses, I’ve discovered the best sunglasses for sailing to be lightweight, non-bulky, and comfortable to wear for those long hours on the boat. I also take notice of other cool features that make a pair of sunglasses more effective and attractive, such as UVA and UVB protection, bifocal options, and polarized lenses. Here are my top choices for best sunglasses for sailing.

What to Look for in Sunglasses for Sailing

  • Lens Color: Choose the colored tint on your sunglasses carefully. According to Sailing World, the lens color can vary the user’s experience. For example, grey lenses block the brightest sun rays, while yellow lenses are best for reading in low-light conditions.
  • Frames: You want the frame of your sunglasses to be lightweight and comfortable. As you’ll likely be wearing them for several hours at a time, you don’t want them to feel heavy or bulky on your face.
  • Polarization: Most modern marine sunglasses are polarized. Wearing polarized lenses in the water provides many benefits, such as reducing glare off of the water and other objects.
  • Durability: Your sunglasses must put up with a lot of wear and tear, including exposure to water, sweat, dirt, and grime. Certain sunglasses feature lenses that have special coatings that increase their resistant to environmental factors.

Costa Del Mar Pawley’s Sunglasses

best sunglasses for sailing costa

Despite their higher price tag, the Costa Del Mar Pawley’s Sunglasses get the top spot in our top five best sunglasses for sailing due to their incredible optics. You’ll find these sunglasses in a variety of frame designs and lens colors to satisfy all tastes and boating needs. These hand-built sunglasses are constructed using the highest quality materials for durability and long-term use.

Sun protection is critical for boaters and the Costa Del Mar sunglasses deliver. These stylish glasses offer 100 percent UV protection and feature polarized lenses for superior clarity no matter what your marine adventures throw at you. Integrated patented technology blocks blue and yellow light to achieve superior clarity and color while fishing and engaging in other activities on the water.

What Users Are Saying:

  • These glasses are ultra-durable
  • Polarized lenses work great
  • They are so comfortable!
  • Fit as expected – I love them
  • The tortoise frames are stylish and lightweight
  • Great for fishing and everyday use

Kaenon Ballmer Polarized Aviator Sunglasses

best sunglasses for sailing Kaenon

Aviator remains one of the most popular styles of sunglasses. The Kaenon Ballmer Polarized Aviator Sunglasses are available in gun metal, chrome, or matte black and feature a lightweight metal frame and composite, polarized lenses. The one-size-fits-all sunglasses have a sophisticated look with a modern take on the classic aviator style. However, these sunglasses are more rounded to fit various face shapes and sizes.

What makes these the best sunglasses for sailing are their innovative glare-eliminating SR-91 lenses that provide the user with super-sharp vision on land and water. Kaenon, the Southern California-based eyewear brand that created these popular sunglasses, is known for their luxury performance design and top-tier engineering. If you’re looking for function and style, these sunglasses are an excellent option.

What Users Are Saying:

•    I am very pleased with these sunglasses
•    Well-made with quality polarized glass
•    Very stylish and comfortable
•    Lenses are very good
•    Frame is solid with good spring hinges
•    Love the aviator style

Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses

best sunglasses for sailing Oakley Oakley is well-known for creating stylish and functional sunglasses. The Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses feature a sleek athletic style available in a variety of frame and lens colors. These lightweight, plastic sunglasses are non-polarized with an O-matter frame and plutonite polycarbonate lens. They also offer a 100 percent UV protective coating to ensure that your eyes remain safe in the sun.

These top-rated men’s sunglasses protect against UVA, UVB, and UVC rays, as well as harmful blue light up to 400nm. Users can achieve razor-sharp vision at any angle thanks to the patented high definition optics. No matter if you’re fishing or racing, the stress-resistant frame material is sure to remain solid through all of your water activities. Most importantly, these sunglasses are ultra-durable and comfortable for all day wear.

What Users Are Saying:

•    High-quality lenses
•    Look great on almost anyone
•    The Holbrooks are amazing!
•    Great glasses – you won’t be disappointed
•    Well worth the price
•    Love the selection of colors

Bolle Python Sunglasses

best sunglasses for sailing Bolle

This next pair of sunglasses made my list for best sunglasses for sailing because of its innovative design that makes it the perfect accessory for boating. The Bolle Python Sunglasses are available in shiny black, dark tortoise and white/metallic red and have polarized lenses for superior clarity while on the water. The anti-slip nose piece and anti-slip temples help to keep the glasses in place, even when you sweat or get wet.

The Bolle Python sunglasses have a unique curvature that provides the user with a wider field of vision than most other sunglasses. They are also a great option for sunny climates, thanks to their visible light transmission of 14 percent. Perfect for medium faces, these sunglasses have a stylish, athletic look that’s perfect for all of your outdoor activities.

What Users Are Saying:

•    Best sunglasses I’ve ever owned
•    Great fit and clarity
•    Beautiful style and excellent price
•    Love the shape of these sunglasses
•    Quality sunglasses for the price
•    I like the glare reduction and clear visibility

Wood Sunglasses Made from Maple/Cherry

best shades for sailing Wood

My last choice for best sunglasses for sailing is the Wood Sunglasses Made from Maple/Cherry. What makes these wayfarer-style sunglasses so unique is that they’re made with 100 percent natural cherry wood, making every pair distinct.  These sunglasses feature polarized lenses that provide the user with crystal clear vision, along with anti-glare which is essential for water environments.

Don’t worry about your sunglasses sinking to the bottom of the ocean. These cherry wood glasses actually float on water, making them the perfect accessory for sailing or boating. Your purchase comes with a free bamboo travel case, microfiber cleaning cloth, and cloth pouch. Your purchase is also great for the environment. When you buy the Cherry Wood Sunglasses, two trees will be planted.

What Users Are Saying:

•    Love these wayfarer style sunglasses
•    The frame is well crafted and each side is symmetrical
•    Wood is lightweight and floats
•    Fit is just as great as plastic-framed wayfarer sunglasses
•    My favorite sunglasses for summer!
•    High-quality materials and beautiful craftsmanship