Looking for the Best Fishing Kayak For Big Guys? Don't buy a fishing kayak until you read this buyers guide just for big fellas.

Best Fishing Kayak For Big Guys

So, you’re a big guy who likes kayak fishing? For that, you’ll need a bigger boat as most kayaks aren’t made to carry a lot of weight around because they might flip or sink. That is why it is so hard for larger guys to find the right boat.

But, honestly, there’s no such thing as the “right boat”. There is only the right boat for you. And being a big guy shouldn’t deter you from acquiring a good quality boat. In fact, the market is very well stocked with such kayaks that can hold more than 250 pounds. And to prove it, we’ve compiled a list of the top five fishing kayaks for big guys.

But first, let’s talk about some things you need to consider. Here’s a short list.

What to Look For in the Best Fishing Kayak For Big Guys:

  • Weight Capacity: Naturally, this is the first and the most important thing to consider. Since you are a person of substantial size, you’ll need an appropriate kayak that can hold your weight. Also, check if the kayak offers enough space for you to sit and feel comfortable in the cockpit. In addition, “big” also refers to tall people, so check if the kayak has enough leg room.
  • Kayak Type: In addition, you should decide what type of kayak you want. There are two main types – sit-in and sit-on-top kayaks. Sit-in kayaks offer greater comfort over a longer period of time and have a larger storage, but a sit-on-top kayak allows you to stand up and fish and are more stable as a result. Also, if you’re going into a river or lake, or taking the kayak to salt waters determines what kayak you want.
  • Tandem Kayaks: If you would like to take someone with you to angling, you might want to consider buying a tandem kayak. Tandem kayaks are just like normal kayaks, but are bigger and designed to bear heavier loads. However, due to their size, these kayaks are less maneuverable in faster waters and tighter turns.

And now that you know all you need to know, let’s get on with the list – best fishing kayak for big guys list.

Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Angler Sit-On-Top Fishing Kayak

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Opening our list is the Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 fishing kayak. This kayak is one of the oldest, but best and most popular kayaks on the market. And no wonder! This kayak comes with such high performances that it sets the bar for all other kayaks to try and reach.

The hull of the boat is designed with care and is light, fast and durable. This kayak will feel right at home whether you plunge it into a quick river or a quiet sea. The kayak is equipped with a Comfort Plus seat that offers excellent back support, 2-rod holders, two cup holders, two paddle keepers and 6-inch hatch that accesses the below deck storage.

The storage is very large, perfect for storing rods safely. There is also another storage at the rear that’s big enough for coolers, crates, bait wells and SCUBA tanks. With all that storage space, the kayak is designed to carry up to 475 pounds of equipment.

What Users Are Saying:

  • The kayak is very fast and stable even with powerful gusts of wind blowing
  • Amazing Kayak, will last a lifetime
  • Supports my 6’2”, 342 lb frame
  • The kayak is very lightweight
  • Well-made and free shipping!

Sun Dolphin Journey 12-Foot Sit On Fishing Kayak

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Coming in at number two is this Sun Dolphin 12 sit-on-top kayak. Sun Dolphin is a brand highly regarded, so you can rest assured this is a top quality kayak.

The kayak is equipped with two flush mount rod holders and one swivel rod holder, so you can mount three rods at once. The cockpit is open and quite spacious so you don’t have to worry about being all cramped up. The cockpit features leg braces and thigh pads that are fully adjustable so you can customize the boat according to your proportions.

The kayak features a storage on the bow, and a tank on the stern of the boat with shock cord rigging. However, if that’s not enough space for you, this kayak comes with a P.A.C. – a portable accessory carrier that you can tow behind your boat, or carry as a backpack.

The boat is 12 feet long, designed to hold 395 pounds of person and equipment.

What Users Are Saying:

  • Very stable and fast ship
  • Very spacious storage and additional storage
  • Love all the cargo space
  • Easy to get in and out of
  • Very stable when casting
  • Best fishing kayak out there

Lifetime 10 Foot Sport Fisher Tandem Kayak

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When it comes to colossal kayaks, this Lifetime 10-foot kayak is a Goliath among them. This particular kayak, while not as long (only 10 feet) is designed to hold up to 500 pounds of person and equipment. Its blow molded hull is made from a very dense form of polyethylene so the kayak is extra sturdy.

Talking about the hull, the design of the hull is a tunnel-type, which provides extra stability to the boat. This added stability will enable you to stand firmly in the kayak and fish the largest of fish without fear of tipping over. The hull of the boat is equipped with two paddle clips for your paddles when not in use and two padded backrests. It is also equipped with 3 rod holders and has a 6-inch storage hatch.

What Users Are Saying:

  • Very sturdy kayak, excellent make
  • Not as fast as the other models
  • Is able to carry two people
  • The kayak is very sturdy and durable
  • Extremely stable and difficult to capsize

Useful 12.5ft Sit-On Tandem Fishing Kayak

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As far as this kayak goes it is beyond its maker’s name. The Useful Tandem Fishing Kayak is the perfect tandem kayak – it is big, wide and stable, just the thing you need when going out with a friend. The kayak is relatively light for a tandem at 68 pounds and has a great weight capacity of 450 pounds.

To facilitate tandem fishing, the kayak is mounted with two paddle rest, as well as four flush mounts and three adjustable rod holders. The hull is equipped with four carrying handles to ease transport, along with a tie-down-system cargo area in the stern of the boat. It’s secured with bungee ropes and two deluxe kayak seats. Many folks agree that this item clearly belongs on any list with Best Fishing Kayak For Big Guys in its title.

What Users Are Saying:

  • The kayak is extremely stable even in rougher waters
  • Love that its watertight
  • The kayak is very lightweight considering it’s a tandem
  • Very good weight capacity

Intex Explorer K2 Kayak

Best Fishing Kayak For Big Guys InflatableBuy It Now

And as desert, we have left you this Intex Explorer K2 inflatable kayak. Being inflatable, this kayak is much more affordable than the other entries on this list. In addition to the low cost, this is a tandem kayak, making its price even more of a steal than usual.

This kayak is best used as a low profile craft for lakes and rivers. The kayak sports very bright colors for recognition even in darkest waters and worst of weather. The boat comes with two high-fidelity adjustable backrests. It also comes with a removable skeg.

The kayak is 10’ 3’’ long. Since this is an inflatable boat, it weighs only 37.3 pounds (fully inflated). It can carry a weight of 350 pounds.

What Users Are Saying:

  • Very stable kayak, not easily tipped
  • Very fast assembly, inflates quickly
  • Storing this kayak in tight spaces is a breeze
  • More sturdy than I was expecting