When you head to the beach with the kids, you might find that after a few hours of playing in the water, snorkeling and building sandcastles, everyone runs out of things to do. Don’t fret, because there is plenty more you can do to really spend all day at the beach. Here are some fun things to do with your kids at the beach.

Play a Fun Beach Relay Race

 If your little ones are getting a little bored, why not have them get up and play a relay race? When you’re playing it on the beach, you can use the ocean water and any buckets you brought to good use. Set up buckets near the finish line of the relay race, one for each kid. Give each kid cups to fill with water from the ocean. They will race to get water from the ocean and fill the buckets until one kid wins by filling the bucket entirely with water.

Have a Scavenger Hunt

Another fun game that gets kids more active and peeks their interest during a beach trip is by having a scavenger hunt. Start by listing some items that should be easy to find, such as some sand, sea glass, seaweed, and seashells. Then you can get creative by asking them to get a certain number of seashells or saying what shape of seashells they need to be. They might also need to find some other trinkets that are often left behind, such as sunglasses, a plastic cup, or a water bottle. Whoever finds the most items within a period of time wins the hunt.

Make Seashell Art

 Now that the kids have collected some colorful seashells, use those shells to make art in the sand. You can give them a subject or theme, such as the shape of a sun or a sea creature, or it can be anything they like. So no fights happen, give the same amount of seashells to each kid. You might also want to bring more with you if you are planning this beforehand so there are enough to go around.

Create Sand Angels

Just because there isn’t snow on the ground, doesn’t mean you can’t lay down and make some angels! Sand angels are fun and easy to do when you’re spending some time on the beach with your kids. Have everyone spread out and start by laying down flat on their backs, with arms and legs pointed down. Now have the kids open their arms and legs to create the shape of angel wings. Take a video or pictures to share with your friends and family and give the kids a way to hold onto these memories.

Try Playing Charades

Charades can have a lot of different themes, including beach themes! Try choosing words or phrases to act out that have something to do with the beach, sand, or ocean. This can be to act out being a crab, slicing watermelon, rubbing suntan lotion on yourself, or looking up to watch fireworks.

Beach Towel Musical Chairs

This version of musical chairs is going to use your kids’ beach towels instead of actual chairs. Since you will be lugging towels among other gear in your beach cart or wagon, you might as well get a little extra use out of the towels that you brought. Spread the towels out into a circle formation, and have all the kids stand on towels, except for one who is not currently on a towel. There should always be one less towel than how many kids are playing. Play some music for a few seconds, then stop the music. When music is playing, the kids are walking slowly around the circle of towels. When the music stops, whichever kid is not on a towel, is out, and the game continues until one kid is left.

These games are fun and easy to play at the beach without spending any extra money. Try different alternations of these activities to enjoy your beach days.