We tested the Best Kiteboard Training Kite and you wont want to buy one until after you read our rundown below.

Best Kiteboarding Trainer Kite

If you’re new to the sport of kiteboarding, you’ll want to get your hands on a trainer kite. Kiteboarding trainer kites are available in 2 or 3/4 line styles and can range in size from 1 to 5 meters.

There are several reasons why you should begin kiteboarding with a trainer kite. By using a trainer kite, you’ll be able to move onto a full-size kiteboarding kite sooner.

When first practicing the sport, your kite is bound to fall at least a few times. By using an inexpensive trainer kite, you can prevent wear and tear on a more expensive full-size kite.

Now that you know why you need a trainer kite, here’s a few tips on how to shop for the best kiteboarding trainer kite for your needs.

What to Look for in the Best Kiteboarding Trainer Kite:

  • Line Style: One of the most important aspects of a trainer kite is the line style. Smaller kites typically come with just 2 lines, which is beneficial as they tend not to tangle. The benefit of a 4-line kites is its ability to relaunch after it crashes.
  • Size: Kiteboarding trainer kites comes in a variety of sizes. As a general rule of thumb, the larger the kite the more powerful it is. If you’re a smaller person, you may find it easier to use a smaller kite.
  • Harness Loop: Some trainer kites come equipped with a harness loop. A harness loop is a great way to progress your training as it allows you to fly one-handed while better controlling the kite.
  • Wrist Leash: If you’re worried about losing your kite to the wind, you may want to invest in a trainer kite with wrist leash. With a wrist leash, you’ll still be attached to the kite if you happen to let go of the bar.

Flexifoil Control 3-Line Kitesurf Trainer Kite

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Finding the best kiteboarding trainer kite can be fairly difficult for novice kiteboarders. It’s best to start off with a highly durable, all-around quality kite like the Flexifoil 1.7m2 / 2.4m2 / 3.3m2 Control 3-Line Kitesurf Trainer Kite. Designed by a world record power kite and kiteboard designer, you can rest assured your product is safe and reliable.

The powerful trainer kite comes with a stylish storage bag and acts as the perfect introductory kite to kiteboarding. The smaller 1.7m2 size is ideal for ages 12 and up, while the middle 2.4m2 size and large 3.3m2 size are best for ages 14 and up. Enjoy hours of fun and entertainment with the easy to control 3-line trainer kite.

What Users Are Saying:

  • Nice attention to detail
  • Excellent trainer kite
  • Really fun and easy to fly
  • Good quality and value
  • Recommended for adventure seekers!
  • Setup is minimal – easy to get going

Slingshot B3Best Kiteboard Training Kite

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Compared to larger, more powerful kiteboarding kites, trainer kites are small and maneuverable for easy control. Nonetheless, it’s important to wisely choose your trainer kite to ensure it matches your specific needs. The Slingshot B3 is a durable 2-line trainer kite that provides users with extra power on the water.

The stylish trainer kite comes with a compact storage bag to make storage and travel a cinch. The B3 model also comes with a Lifetime Rider Hotline Support membership, an extra perk not available with previous models. Flying lines always come pre-stretched and wound onto the control bar, allowing you to go straight to the beach without hassle.

What makes the B3 the best kiteboarding trainer kite is its power. In fact, this popular model has one of the best pulling power of any kites of its size. Practice what it will be like to control a larger, costlier kit without having to break the bank. The affordable trainer kite will give you an edge when mastering this new skill.

What Users Are Saying:

  • This one is my favorite kite
  • A must-have for beginners
  • Fun! Great trainer!
  • Best trainer kite on the market
  • Fast and powerful
  • Very durable and easy to manage

HQ Kites Rush IV Pro Power Kite

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A trainer kite is an excellent investment for individuals looking to master kiteboarding. The HQ Kites Rush IV Pro Power Kite is an excellent starter kite, available in both orange and green. When you purchase this top-rated kite, you’ll find it already attached to flying lines. The kite also comes with a leash line and shock absorber.

What makes this kite one of the best kiteboarding trainer kite products is its remarkable light wind performance. The high-performance kite is smooth and stable, providing the user with a fun fly every time. If you happen to crash, just pull on the third line and you’ll relaunch the kite easily.

What Users Are Saying:

  • It’s pretty spectacular
  • Well-made and easy to fly
  • Quite powerful!
  • This is one serious kite
  • Plenty of kick to pull you around
  • Great for practicing

Prism Kites Tensor 4.2 Power Kite Best Kiteboard Training Kite

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Trainer kits are ideal for learning the basics of flying kites. The Prism Kites Tensor 4.2 Power Kite is one of the most versatile for land traction. With a forgiving edge handling and controllable acceleration, it’s never been easier to learn the ropes of kiteboarding in a fun and entertaining way.

The colorful kite features a dual-control bar that converts to quad handles – no additional gear needed. The power trim adjustable bridle has three power settings that allow you to customize it based on the level of wind. A convertible bar and safety systems come pre-installed, allowing you to start flying immediately.

What makes the Tensor 4.2 the best kiteboarding trainer kite is its ability to fly in as little as 2mph. The kite produces usable power from 8 mph and really speeds up in 12 mph or more. Due to its versatility, the Prism Kites Tensor is an excellent starter kite that works in nearly any location.

What Users Are Saying:

  • A fantastic intro kite
  • Great starting traction
  • If you’re thinking about it, GET IT!
  • So much fun
  • Generates plenty of power
  • Perfect for adrenaline junkies

Ocean Rodeo Start 1.5m Complete Kitesurfing Training Kite Best Kiteboard Training Kite Ocean Rodeo

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While a trainer kite is simply a smaller version of a full-size kiteboarding kite, it’s an important aspect of learning the sport. The Ocean Rodeo Start 1.5m Complete Kitesurfing Training Kit is an advanced 1.5-meter trainer kite that includes a control bar, lines, and carry bag.

No inflation is required to use this high-quality kite. Just take it out of the bag, attach the lines, and fly. Using a trainer kite is a great way to learn how to safely control a larger power kite when you first begin to experience the popular sport of kiteboarding. Best of all, this kite comes with everything you need to get started.

What Users Are Saying:

  • Great kite to learn on
  • Takes just minutes to set up
  • Fast shipping
  • One of my favorite kites
  • Excellent trainer kite
  • I love that it has everything I need