Think finding the Best Drysuit For Kayaking is no easy feat? Check out our buyers guide for the best drysuits on the market.

Best Drysuit For Kayaking

We said cold water, and that is what drysuits are mainly for. A drysuit’s job is to keep you warm and the water out. During hotter months, you may even go with a wet suit, but many kayakers swear by their drysuits as an all year round clothing of choice.

So, if you don’t own a drysuit, you better get one, and you better get it now. And to help you with your choice, we’ve compiled a list of the best drysuits for kayaking on the market today.

What to look for in the Best Drysuit for Kayaking:

  • Fit: A drysuit needs to fit you well. This is no fashion concern – if a drysuit is too tight on you, it will choke and squeeze you. However, if the suit is a bit wider, that is good, because you’ll probably want to add layers for maximum heat retention. Usually, the best size is your shirt size.
  • Material: A good drysuit needs to be made of sturdy materials. This is because the suit takes a lot of beating over the course of time. Carrying the kayak, turning and twisting in the seat, putting and pulling out your legs from the leg braces – all of these things put a strain on the material. And since these suits aren’t all that cheap, you will certainly want them to last.
  • Quality: Like we said, these suits aren’t cheap. That is why you need to make sure the drysuit you get is made by quality manufactures with good materials. And, it is helpful to have a company who stands behind their product should an issue ever arise. I drysuits that made our list all fit that criteria.

Stohlquist Amp Drysuit

TOP PICKbest drysuit for kayaking

The first item on our list is this drysuit from Stohlquist. A 7 foot tall, 20’’ wide nylon suit, this piece will keep you dry, warm and comfortable even during the coldest of your expeditions. The material is a 4 layer Twin Sensor waterproof fabric that is also very airy and breathable.

The fabric is also hydrophobic and microporous in order to keep the water out and the air in. The zippers are all MasterSeal grade zippers, sealing the suit and not allowing any water to go in. To increase the suit’s resistance to wear and tear, the suit’s knees, neck, and wrists are armored and UV resistant. The suit also features a double tunnel for a spray skirt. Available in 4 sizes, you’re sure to find the right fit for you.

What Users Are Saying:

  • The suit seals well, even over booties and gloves
  • Very sturdy make
  • Comfortable and warm
  • Does not restrict movement
  • Great value and amazingling dry

O’Neill Wetsuits Boost DrysuitBest Dry Suit For Kayaking

Second off is this beauty form O’Neal Wetsuits. Just like the previous model, this suit is made of nylon, and is fully breathable and very airy. The suit comes in a variety of sizes and is made for a looser fit, so you can add few layers underneath or increased heat retention and greater comfort.

The suit features a horizontal fully waterproof back zipper. The seams are also made waterproof. The suit’s neck gasket is made of especially skin-friendly material so it won’s cause abrasions and irritations.

What Users Are Saying:

  • The neoprene neck gasket is very gentle on the skin.
  • Very warm suit.
  • Doesn’t constrict movement.
  • Enough room for quite a few layers.
  • The suit traps air in, making it quite buoyant.

Ocean Rodeo Soul Breathable Drysuit

best drysuit for kayaking

Up next is the Ocean Rodeo Breathable Drysuit. This suit made its way on our list because of how airy the suit is – it’s made of 100% breathable materials. However, the real deal maker is its heat retention system. The suit features a customizable heating system with a special Heat Underwear System that is original to Ocean Rodeo.

As far as other features go, this product fulfills all the criteria of a great drysuit. It is made of waterproof materials, and its zippers and seams are all waterproof too. The suit has a Captive-Zip for entry and a zipper on the crotch for relief. It also features a removable hood. Available in orange, black, and blue and a variety of sizes.

What Users Are Saying:

  • Great suit for the value.
  • Retains heat excellently.
  • Very breathable.
  • The zippers and seals to a great job of keeping the water out.
  • Very comfortable and keeps me warm and dry

Jobe Neoprene DrySuitbest kayaking drysuit

The next entry on our list is the oh so affordable Jobe Neoprene Suit. Like all the other suits, this one too has been made of breathable coated nylon, with special “Glide Skin” on the neck, wrist and ankle seals to make getting in and out of easier. The suit is very breathable and does a great job of keeping the heat in and warming you up.

The suit’s neck seal is made of 35 mm neoprene for increased comfort water proofing. Additionally, it comes with a waterproof horizontal back zipper. We love its affordability and the great fit. As of the time of this post it was only available in medium.

What Users Are Saying:

  • Very good suit for the price.
  • A sound level of protection against cold weather.
  • Watertight.
  • Stays completely dry.
  • Good breathability.
  • Very comfortable and keeps me warm and dry

O’Neill Wetsuits Assault Hybrid Drysuitbest drysuit for kayak

Next up is another product form O’Neill Wetsuits. Unlike the previous O’Neill suit, this product is a hybrid, meaning it’s made of different materials. The upper body is made of 300g Trilaminate nylon, while the lower body is made of 5mm neoprene fluid foam.

The suit is a loose fit. This allows you to add a few layers of clothing to increase heat retention. The zippers on the product are 100% waterproof, and the seams are taped so they too keep water out. Lastly the suit features smoothskin dry seals form maximum comfort while wearing it.

What Users Are Saying:

  • The suit is snug and warm.
  • Great durability.
  • The neoprene is very gentle toward the skin.
  • The seals and zippers work great to keep the water out.

Stohlquist Ez Drysuitbest kayaking dry suit

Our final choice is another product from Stohlquist, you can rest assured that this drysuit conforms to all the standards the previous product on this list. That means that you’ve got a top-notch product on your hands.

This drysuit, like all before it, is made of nylon. And not just of any plain nylon, but a 4 Layer Twin Sensor nylon that is waterproof and breathable. The fabric is also hydrophobic and microporous for better air circulation in the suit. The neck gasket is made of neoprene, so it’s very skin friendly. The suit also features two watertight zippers – a cross-chest entry zipper and a relief zipper.

What Users Are Saying:

  • Very durable suit.
  • Retains heat beautifully.
  • The neoprene gasket is soft on the skin, but lets water seep through.
  • Fairly well priced considering the performance.